North Shore Real Estate Market Update | December 2021

Happy New Year - December 2021 Real Estate Market Stats are out and we are finalizing our North Sore Market Update for the month. The month of December resembled much of what was felt most of the year - extremely low Inventory that could not keep up with demand. A quick few fact to show the low levels we are seeing in the market:

Active Inventory sat at 4958 units to end the month - the lowest since our data tracks back to (January 2005). The previous lowest was December 2015 - sitting at 6831 units, which is a 27.4% decrease - or 1873 units then our pervious low. Seasonally New Listings pick up at this time of year, but we will need to a significant shift in Active Inventory to keep up with Demand, as prices continue to inch up further. For more analysis and a breakdown of the North Shore segments - Sign Up for our Newsletter below.

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